Tell me about glaucoma

What happens if glaucoma is left untreated?

Unfortunately, the speed of glaucoma progression and vision loss is not totally predictable. So your eye specialist’s goal is to tailor your treatment to slow down or stop the progression.

Following their advice and instructions and using your eye drops regularly and correctly may help reduce your eye pressure to give you the best chance of stabilising your sight for longer.

When both eyes have overlapping parts of their visual fields damaged, there are ‘missing’ areas of vision. People don’t notice this because their brain makes a believable but incorrect image.

In the later stages of glaucoma, parts of vision can become blurred.

How untreated glaucoma can progress*

* Note that the disease symptoms and severity may vary between patients

Further information

To find out more about glaucoma call the Glaucoma Australia Support Line, on (02) 9906 6640 or 1800 500 880 or go to the website at